September- December 2017



NEW!!! Leaf Bookmark                                             Cost: $15

Sat. Oct. 28th 11-noon OR Wed. Nov. 8th 6-7 pm

Needle felt using a cookie cutter, then thread a leather cording and beads to make a necklace or bookmark. K 5+


NEW!!! Felted Fantasy Pumpkins                                              Cost: $32

Sat. Sept. 30th 4-6 pm OR Tues. Oct. 24th 2-4 pm

Create an array of dazzling, ombre dyed pumpkins! You’ll make three pumpkins with apple spice inside, a real stem and sparkly adornments. K 5+


NEW!!! Forest Gnome                                            Cost: $25

Fri. Oct. 13th 10-11 am OR Sat. Oct. 28th 2-3 pm OR Fri. Dec. 15th 10-11 am

Make a frisky fellow, complete with a birch base, moss, mushroom and adorments. K 8+


NEW!!! Folk Art Fox                                          Cost: $32

Sat. Sept. 30th 1-3:30 pm OR Thurs. Nov. 9th 10-1 pm

Tall and elegant, this 10” fox is made with a bushy tail, rich fall colors and lots of imagination.


NEW!!! Wet Felted Forest Vignette                                            Cost: $32

Tues. Oct. 3rd 6-9 pm OR Sat. Oct. 21st 3-6 pm

Create an 8 x 16” magical forest scene with felting techniques, including a pocket for a branch hanger.


Woodland Animals and their Homes                            Cost: $28

Sat. Oct. 7th 12-3 pm OR Wed. Nov. 8th 10-1 pm OR Fri. Dec. 22nd 10-1 pm

Learn wet felting and needle felting we make a tree stump and a woodland animal that lives inside. K 8+


Nuno Felted Pumpkin Luminary                                            Cost: $32

Sat. Oct. 21st 1-3 pm OR Tues. Oct. 31st 10-noon

Working with wet felting and silk fabric, make 8” pumpkin that will illuminate with a LED tea light candle.


Owl Sweethearts                                           Cost: $22

Thurs. Oct. 5th 2-4 pm OR Tues. Nov. 7th 2-4 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 21st 10-noon

Make a pair of little owls perched on a real branch sharing a heart together. K 8+


Pumpkin Baby                                            Cost: $15

Fri. Sept. 22nd 10-11 am OR Sat. Oct. 28th 1-2 pm

So sweet and just perfect for the autumn season, this precious little child is tucked into a pumpkin like a little surprise. Pair her with the Harvest Angel for a beautiful centerpiece.  K 5+


Harvest Angel                                            Cost: $22

Thurs. Sept. 28th 10-noon OR Tues. Oct. 31st 2-4 pm

She is the guardian of the harvest, and in her arms are pumpkins, her skirt is a swirl of fall leaves and even her auburn hair is studded with fall blossoms. K 8+


Wet Felted Sunflower                                            Cost: $25

Tues. Sept. 19th 2-4:30 pm OR Tues. Oct. 10th 6:30-9 pm

Make a beautiful sunflower with new felting techniques. Use to decorate your home or even tie back drapes!



NEW!!! Cookie Cutter Ornaments                                               Cost: $15

Sat. Dec. 16th 1-2 pm OR Fri. Dec. 22nd 2-3 pm

Cookie cutters make more than tasty cookies! Make felt ornaments and learn tricks to make them shine! K 5+


NEW!!! Holiday Elf Ornament                                               Cost: $22

Sat. Dec. 16th 10-noon OR Thurs. Dec. 21st 1-3 pm

Want to make your own “Elf on a Shelf”? Make a little boy or girl elf and start a tradition at your home K 8+


NEW!!! Winter Pocket Pals                                                Cost: $15

Sat. Nov. 25th 1-2 pm OR Wed. Dec. 27th 10-11 am

Choose from a tall-hat elf, a jolly scarf-wearing polar bear or a red-nosed reindeer and make a cute ornament, wine bottle topper or gift tag. K 5+


NEW!!! Winter Forest Scarf                                               Cost: $50

Sat. Dec. 9th 2-5 pm OR Sat. Dec. 30th 2-5 pm

Imagine a breathtaking winter scene and learn how to make it into wearable art with wet felting. 


NEW!!! Holiday Angel Tree Topper                                            Cost: $22

Sat. Dec. 9th 1-2 pm OR Wed. Dec. 20th 1-2 pm

Made entirely out of soft wool roving with little felting, she’s a beautiful holiday angel for your tree. K 8+


NEW!!! Winter Fairy House Lamp                               $40

Sat. Nov. 25th 2-5 pm OR Sat. Dec. 30th 10-1 pm

Standing 8” tall, the house, with windows, door that opens, and an icicle roof, also includes an LED candle.


Twinkling Rose Garland                                               Cost: $40

Wed. Dec. 6th 1-4 pm OR Sat. Dec. 16th 2-5 pm

Create a beautiful roses from felt, then glue them into a strand of tiny holiday lights for a magical mood!


Felted Nativity Scene                                       Cost: $35

Tues. Dec. 5th 10-1 pm OR Sat. Dec. 23rd 10-1 pm

Come make a special family heirloom you will treasure for years to come! K 8+


Poinsettia Pin                                    Cost: $25

Sat. Dec. 9th 10-noon OR Tues. Dec. 19th 2-4 pm

A perfect pin for your winter jacket or hat! Create layers of shimmer and shine as you felt this flower. K 8+


Snowman Family                                             Cost: $35

Thurs. Dec. 14th 10-noonOR Sat. Dec. 23rd 1-3 pm

Make your whole family … in the form of snowmen! Learn three dimensional needle felting. K 8+


Twiggy Reindeer                                           Cost: $22

Sat. Nov. 25th 10-noon OR Fri. Dec. 29th 10-noon

A cute little fellow with stick legs and berry antlers and a glowing red nose! Simple to make for gifts! K 8+


Santa’s Workshop

$40 per child

Friday Nov. 24th (Black Friday!) 10-3 pm

Come make gifts for your family, decorate cookies, learn about holiday traditions and have a fun time with other kids as you become Santa’s little elf helpers for the day! K 5-12



NEW!!! Nuno Felted Jellyfish                         Cost: $35

Thurs. Oct. 19th 12-2 pm OR Sat. Nov. 4th 2-4 pm

Learn new skills using floaty silk for the fins, marbles for eyes and lots of beautiful hand dyed fibers and sparkles! 


Mermaid Pixie                                    Cost: $22

Thurs. Oct. 5th 12-2 pm OR Sat. Nov. 4th 10-2 pm

Make a magical mermaid with long flowing colorful locks, a sparkling fin and lots of vibrant summer colors.  Fun for kids 8+ too!


Nuno Felted Fish                                Cost: $35

Thurs. Sept. 21st 7-9 pm OR Tues. Nov. 14th 10-noon

Learn new skills using floaty silk for the fins, marbles for eyes and lots of beautiful hand dyed fibers and sparkles! 


Fairy Garden Tea Cup                                   Cost: $25

Sat. Nov. 11th 12-2 pm OR Fri. Dec. 8th 10-noon

Make a tiny fairy land come alive inside a tea cup!  Includes your pick of a charming tea cup. Fun for kids 8+ too.


Baby Animal Headbands                                  Cost: $22

Thurs. Sept. 21st 10-noon OR Thurs. Nov. 16th 1-3 pm

Choose from woodland babies such as a fox, deer or bunny… and create little ears for your special animal lover! Fun for kids 8+ too!


Newborn Booties                              Cost: $35

Sat. Oct. 22nd 1-3 pm OR Wed. Dec. 6th 10-noon OR Thurs. Dec. 28th 10-noon

Need something sweet and special to give to a newborn? Make these tiny slippers with wet felting!  


Wet Felted Art Mitts          Cost: $45

Sun. Oct. 22nd 1-4 pm OR Wed. Dec. 6th 10-1 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 28th 10-1 pm

Make a pair of beautifully elegant, yet warm and practical, gauntlet-style fingerless mitts with beautiful fibers.


Nuno Felted Scarf              Cost: $70

Sat. Sept. 23rd 1-5 pm OR Fri. Nov. 10th 6-9 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 28th 2-5 pm

Float in the bliss of silk and soft wool designs with this technique of blending and fusing called nuno felting! We’ll walk you through step by step making these beautiful scarves.


Needle Felted Hats or Slippers       Cost: $65

Sun. Nov. 19th 1-5 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 10-2 pm

Choose to learn either hats or slippers.  Involves both needle and wet felting for a perfect style and fit. Materials include form and fibers.


Cat Cave                               Cost: $60

Sun. Oct. 22nd 1-5 pm OR Wed. Nov.15th 10-1 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 28th 10-1 pm

A cozy bed/burrow for your kitty, this is like having their own little felted hideout


Tree Bark Scarf                                      Cost: $65
Wed. Oct. 18th 1-5 pm OR Thurs. Dec. 28th 1-5 pm
Create a felted scarf , then shibori dye on the surface for a one-of-a-kind unique piece of wearable art! 

Knitting and Crochet

NEW!!! Baable Hat Knit-a-long:  Fair Isle/Colorwork                                                Cost: $45                  

Thurs. Oct. 5, 12, 19th 10-noon  (three session class)

Skills: knit and purl

Learn basic colorwork and fair isle techniques, including two handed knitting with this charming knit-a-long! Bring size 6 and 7 circular 16” needles, includes yarn kit and pattern 


NEW!!! Mother-DaughterLearn to Knit    Tea         Cost: $50 (additional children $15 each)

Fri. Dec. 29th 1-3:30 pm

Learn in this one day class, basics to knit yourself an infinity scarf. Includes yarn,  needles, tea and snacks! K 8+


Knitting 101                              Cost: $65

Tues. Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10th 1-3 pm OR Tues. Nov. 7, 14, 21st 7-9 pm (three session class)

We’ll teach you to knit, purl, increase and decrease in no time at all. Supplies include yarn and needles for a scarf.


Fixing your Mistakes!                                                       Cost: $30                    

Tues. Sept. 26th 10-1 pm OR Thurs. Nov. 9th 1-4 pm

Skills: knit and purl

Learn to untangle your knitting messes and set things back on track. Bring a knitted stockinette swatch around 4x4” that is still on the needles and a crochet hook.


Make Something Cozy! Hat/Socks/Mittens                                                      Cost: $40                     

Tues. Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10th 1-3 pm OR Tues. Nov. 7, 14, 21st 7-9 pm (three session class)

Skills: comfortable with knit, purl and ribbing

Want to embark on something beyond the rectangle this fall? Come with two skeins of yarn, needles and pattern or we can help you find one to make a wearable accessory. A knit-a-long for all levels, we’ll boost your skills and confidence!


Intro to Crochet Cost: $50

Wed. Oct. 25th 10-1 pm OR Thurs. Nov. 16th 10-1 pm

Learn to make a chain, and how to make three basic stitches as we make a soap scrub. Includes yarn and a hook.


Esther’s Place Stop In and Stitch 

Every Friday 12-3 pm

Stop in with your project, pull up a chair and stitch with us for a while! On the second Friday of the month, we’ll serve soup for a soup and stitch day!


Drop Spindling               Cost: $60

Tues. Oct. 10th 10-noon OR Wed. Nov. 15th 7-9 pm

Want to start making your own yarn? Start as we teach you the basics. Supplies include a spindle and 2 oz of fiber.


Spinning 101                          Cost: $285

Sat. Sept. 23, 30, Oct. 7, 21, Nov. 4, 11th 10-noon

This class starts at with washing the fleece, carding and spindling, progressing through the six weeks to cover a wide range of skills and techniques, including dyeing! Class includes rental of a Schacht Spindle Matchless wheel.


Sheep to Shawl Spinning       Cost: $115

Fri. Sept. 29th 10-3 pm OR Fri. Oct. 20th 10-3 pm

Visit the sheep in the barn and then wash, dye, and card the fiber. Spin on the drop spindle and wheel. Included is lunch, a spindle and fiber.



NEW!!!  Shibori Dyeing with Rust               Cost: $38

Thurs. Sept. 21st 1-4 pm OR Sat. Nov. 11th 2-5 pm

Create an array of color and pattern using just a few simple things, some dye and a little magic!


Dyeing Workshop                  Cost: $38

Tues. Oct. 3rd 10-1 pm  OR Tues. Nov. 14th 1-4 pm

Bring whatever you would like to dye- yarn, roving, doilies, a warp or a garment (100% linen, cotton or wool) and learn to dye.



Using your Stash in Weaving Workshop

Cost: $235(includes a 15” loom!)

Upgrade to a large 25” loom for only $145 more!

Or bring your own loom and re-warp for $50

Fri. Oct. 6th 10-2 pm OR Wed. Nov. 29th 10-2 pm

A Schacht Cricket loom is included in the class  and you will learnhow to warp and weave. Also, if you have a loom already and just need a refresher to the warping process, we welcome you as well. Bring 400 yards of stash yarns.


NEW!!!! Artistic Tapestry Weaving                                                             Cost: $65

Tues. Sept. 26th 6-9 pm OR Thurs. Oct. 19th 2-5 pm

Choose from our fun, funky frame looms (which we’ll show you how you can make yourself!) and gather from our eclectic mixture of yarns, rovings, fibers, twigs, silk flowers and more to make a truly unique piece.

Jewelry and More!

Felted Jewelry: Mixed Media Necklace       Cost: $35

Fri. Oct. 20th 7-9 pm OR Tues. Dec. 5th 2-4 pm

Create a 1” by 1” pendant with needle felting,  then place it into a bezel setting and complete the rest of the necklace with a funky combination of beads, metal charms and fibers!


NEW!!! Doily Luminary                Cost: $45/ all supplies included OR $35/ bring 15-20 doilies

Tues. Oct. 24th 10-11:30 am OR Thurs. Dec. 14th 1-2:30 pm

Create a doily sphere with fabric stiffener and receive all the hardware for turning it into a luminary. Its magical! *


NEW!!! Doily Table Runner            Cost: $30/ all supplies included OR $20/ bring 15-20 doilies

Thurs. Oct. 12th 1-3 pm OR Tues. Nov. 21st 2-4 pm

Want to do something with those doilies? Come learn how to combine them into a shabby chic runner for the holidays and beyond. *


*Sign up for the Dyeing Workshop to dye your own doilies to bring to class!

Back to the Farm


NEW!!! Farm to Fork Dinner: Pizza                  Cost: $20

Fri. Sept. 29th 6-9 pm

Create cheeses to top your pizza, use farm fresh ingredients and enjoy a rustic meal together!


Canning                          Cost: $48

Sun. Sept. 24th 1-5 pm

We will make a pickle, jam and soupand each person will have ideas, recipes and goodies to take home with them!


Cheesemaking                                 Cost: $48

Sun. Nov. 12th 1-5 pm

Make mozzarella, feta, ricotta and Russian Paska cheese and enjoy eating your way through the afternoon!                            

Homeschool Art Education Days

Join our vibrant homeschool community! We host a once a month, three hour workshop that combines art, agriculture, history, cultural arts, and culinary sciences.  Enrich your curriculum with real hands on learning. Students will do a project to take home and each month will feature a different theme. Ages range from 5-13.

  • ·         Tues. Sept. 19& Wed. Sept. 20- Preserving and Pickling
  • ·         Tues. Oct. 17&Wed. Oct. 18th –Getting Ready for Winter on the Farm
  • ·         Tues. Nov. 21 & Wed. Nov. 22 – Baking, the Science, the Myth, the Magic
  • ·         Tues. Dec. 19 & Wed. Dec. 20 –

Holidays around the World: Lithuania, Spain and Nova Scotia

$22 / per child, per class