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Esther's Place Summer 2014 Classes

Knitting and Crochet

Knitting 101                              Cost: $50+ materials $15
Thurs. May 15, 22, 29th  10-noon
Cozy up to knitting this winter! We’ll teach you all the basics in a fun, easy environment and have you working towards a scarf in no time at all. Supplies include yarn and needles for a scarf.

Knitting 102                                                       Cost: $48                       
Wed. July 2, 9, 16th 2-4 pm  
Uh oh…. You’ve been there before. A knitting mistake happens and you freeze. Learn to untangle your knitting messes and set things back on track. Also start on your own personal project during class, so plan on bringing an idea, yarn and pattern or come ahead for help in picking out something fun!

Knitting 103
Cost: $48
Thurs. June 12, 19, 26th 1-3 pm   
Add even more things to your bag of tricks as we learn how to work with multiple colors, create cables and finishing and seaming techniques. Also bring along your own personal project to work on during class that we can help you with. Learn, expand and fall in love with knitting even more!

Knitting for Kids!
Cost: $45
Wed. June 11, 18, 25th  4-5pm  
Recommended for ages 7-12, this class will get your crafty little ones into the wonderful hobby of knitting! If they have enjoyed the rainbow looms, take that craze to the next stage with introducing them to a skill that stay with them for life, boost attentiveness and foster creativity. They will learn knit and purl while making a little coin purse. Includes yarn and needles.

Kids Keep on Knitting…
Cost: $48
Wed. May 14, 21, 28th 4-5pm  
Expand on the skills in the beginning knitting class as we learn how to make a hat! Recommended for ages 7-12, this class will keep their skills sharp while helping them learn new ones. Includes yarn and needles.

Make your first pair of socks!
Cost: $45 + materials $15
Thurs. May 15, 22, 29th  2-4 pm   
This is a wonderful way to expand your knitting skills! Useful and practical, learn the skills to make socks a part of your knitting repertoire.   Materials include yarn and pattern, call for needle sizes needed.

Funky Art Yarn Handspun Cowl
Cost: $75
Fri. June 13th 10-1 pm  OR Thurs. August 14th 1-4 pm   
Dive into delicious handspun art yarn  with this simple, quick cowl. Get inspired and get started with this easy knit-a-long. You’ll love how fast and cute this cowl is! Includes 50 yards of handspun yarn, needles and the pattern (request colors when you register 2 weeks in advance and Natasha will spin it to order!).

Funky Art Yarn Baby Hat
Cost: $35
Wed. May 28th 10-noon OR Thurs. July 17th 10-noon   
Need a quick knit for a baby? Clothe them in the latest trend of baby photographers… adorable chunky and funky knits! Use accents of art yarn in this easy knit hat. Great for beginner knitters too! Includes yarn and  pattern, call for needle size needed. 

Intro to Crochet
Cost: $45 + materials $10
Thurs. June 26th 10-1 pm OR Wed. July 30th 2-5 pm   
Learn to make a chain, and how to make three basic stitches. This class is perfect if you are looking to pair crochet with your knitting to create nicer finishes, seam things, or perhaps take up crochet again after a number of years! Includes yarn and a hook for making a dishcloth sampler project.

Free-Form Crochet Workshop
Cost: $60
Sat. July 12th 1-4 pm   
Look beyond the stitch at the whole new world of free-form crochet! Bring with you a selection of hooks, range of your wildest yarns, fabrics, odds and ends pieces and more, and just basic crochet knowledge. We will show you ways to explore all new ways to move fluidly with your yarn making shapes sculpt and appear magically. Get started on a project that can become a wall hanging, panel for a vest, a pillow, a purse flap or more!

Esther’s Place Fiber Arts Guild
Third Tues of the Month,  6-9 pm
May 20th, June 17th, July 15th, August 19th
Bring a dish to pass and your project and join together for fun, fiber and fellowship. This informal gathering is intended to be a chance for our community to share and inspire each other. Come join us anytime!



Drop Spindling 101              
Cost: $35 + materials: $20
Fri. June 13th 4-6 pm OR Wed. August 13th 10-noon
Want to start making your own yarn? Start as we teach you the basics of fibers, how they are made into yarn, the tools and options out there to choose from and how to finish and measure your yarn you create. Supplies include a spindle and 2 oz of fiber.

Introduction to Spinning Retreat       $165 + materials $20
6 pm Sat. May 31st- – 4 pm Sunday June 1st OR 6 pm Sat. July 19th to 4 pm Sunday July 20th
Get away for a weekend to submerse yourself at Esther’s Place learning to spin! Spend a tranquil evening dining together, learning about fibers and drop spindling. The next morning after a lavish breakfast, get introduced to the spinning wheel, blend together a luxury blend on the drum carder, lunch and conclude with a visit to the sheep! Based on double occupancy, please notify at time of booking for any dietary restrictions. Supplies include a spindle and fiber.

Spinning 101                          Cost: $240 + materials: $45
Sat. June 14, 21, 28th, July 12, 19, 26th 10-noon   
Perhaps the crème de la crème of our spinning classes, this class starts at the sheep with washing the fleece, carding and spindling, progressing through the six weeks to cover a wide range of skills and techniques. End the class with a dyeing workshop, making this a very thorough course. Class includes rental of a Schacht Spindle Matchless wheel so you can spin at home during class!

Art Yarn Extravaganza
Cost: $50 + mat. $10
Skill Level: Beginning Spinner on the wheel
Fri. May 23rd 10-1 pm OR Thurs. July 17th 5-8 pm
Create yarns that are wonderfully unique! We will be making coils, Tunisian knots, slubs, incorporating beads, sequins, wire, feathers, felt, silk ribbons, doing core spinning for lofty “cloud” yarns and sheepy yarn and a whole lot more! This class will take your knowledge to a whole new realm of possibilities! Bring a wheel with a large whorl/bobbin if you have one.


Wet and Needle Felting

Tree Bark Scarf
Cost: $50 + mat. $20
Wed. June 4th and 11th 10-noon OR Tues. Aug. 5th and 12th 2-4 pm     
Make a statement in this nature-inspired scarf! Feather-light, yet warm and soft, it is a blend of techniques- wet felting, traditional shibori stitching and dyeing. A fun class to learn all three techniques, and we’ll show you two great ways to wear your creation!

Mixed Media Exploration         
Cost: $50 + mat. $20 
Wed. July 23rd and July 30th 2-4 pm
Dye, mold, felt, glue, staple, fuse, bead, paint and explore all kinds of techniques and creativity here with this class! Make a 8x10” piece that is sculptural, dimensional, and pushes your skills out of ordinary into extraordinary.

Wet Felted Purse
Cost: $50 + mat. $20
Fri. June 27th 10-2 pm OR Sat. August 16th 1-5 pm  
Wow them all with your unique bag- made in all one piece, just to your size, colors and style! From sturdy handles to exquisite fibers, every detail is wonderfully thought-out and taught step by step. Come learn about how to make all this happen with some wool, soap and water!

Felt Birdhouse                                                        
Cost: $35
Thurs. June 19th 10-noon OR Fri. July 11th 4-6 pm    
Make a home for your feathered friends! This action-oriented class is also fun for kids, and as we layer the wool and fibers over a balloon, felt with water and soap and enjoy watching the magic happen!

NEW!!! Children’s Booties
Cost: $35
Sat. May 24 10-noon OR Thurs. July 10th 2-4 pm
Clad all the kids in soft felt for their feet! These munchkin sized booties are great for grandkids- you can create adorable baby to toddler sized ones in class, and we’ll give ideas for larger sizes in class. Made two at a time, with options for fun inside and outside colors you’ll see with the foldable cuff!

Nuno Felted Scarf
Cost: $50 + materials : $20
Wed. May 21st 10-2 pm OR Sat. July 19th 1-5 pm OR Thurs. Aug. 14th 10-2 pm
Float in the bliss of silk and soft wool designs with this technique of blending and fusing called nuno felting! Perfect for a special occasion, or just to make you feel special for any occasion, this is a wonderful accessory for your spring wardrobe. We’ll walk you through step by step making these beautiful scarves.

Fabulous Frilly Flowers                                            Cost: $30
Sat. May 24th 4-6 pm OR Fri. June 27th 3-5 pm OR Sat. August 16th 10-noon  
Using bubble wrap we’ll form layers with wool, and with water, soap and rolling, create a flower. Then it will be shaped, cut and a leaf and curly tendril added. Fun class for kids 8+ as well!

NEW!!! Nuno Felted Art Vest Workshop
Cost: $125 + materials : $20
Call to schedule your custom class
This is a design challenge workshop….bring 2 yards of fabric with you. We will then create a piece of silk and wool nuno felt to accent it, pick a simple vest pattern that draws out the features in both fabrics, and spend the next day sewing it together. This class combines felting, design, sewing and fashion! Bring a sewing machine, thread, scissors, pins, and 2 yds fabric of choice. Beginning sewers are welcome- we will help guide you! Consider making this into a retreat- book one of our rooms!

Needle Felted Hats or Slippers
Cost: $40 + materials : $25
Wed. May 14th 10-2 pm OR Thurs. July 10th 10-2pm
You’ll be guaranteed to keep cozy and warm! Learn how to make a wonderfully warm and colorful and custom fit piece for years of enjoyable wearing! Involves both needle and wet felting for a perfect style and fit. Materials include form and fibers.

Felted Cat Cave
Cost: $60
Sat. May 31st 1-5 pm OR Tues. Aug. 12th 10-2 pm
These are all over the place- and ever popular with the feline world! A cozy bed/burrow for your kitty, this is like having their own little felted hideout. Easy to clean and care for, put this beautiful piece out for both your and your cat’s enjoyment!

NEW!!! Oceans and Horizons Felted Landscape
Cost: $40 + materials : $25
Sat. June 28th 2:30-4:30 pm OR Thurs. July 17th 2-4 pm
Create a tranquil beach and ocean landscape with us! We’ll inspire you with our “paint by number”  technique so you will have a beautiful piece, even if you are not an artist. Vivid and lifelike, even for those who have a hard time with painting- the fibers do the work! Come see!

NEW!!! Catnip Mice
Cost: $20
Wed. May 28th 1-2 pm OR Sat. June 28th 1-2 pm
Make a pair of felted mice filled with catnip, sure to become every kitty’s favorite toy!

NEW!!! Felted Dryer Balls
Cost: $20
Sat. June 21st 4-5 pm OR Wed. Aug. 13th 1-2 pm
Create four all natural dryer balls that you can use in place of static sheets for a healthier, more environmentally-friendly approach to laundry.

Bug Magnets
Cost: $20
Sat. June 21st 2:30-3:30 pm OR Fri. May 23rd 2-3 pm
Make a  three lil bugs- ladybugs or bees- with a magnet felted in! These are cute for gardening friends and make wonderful gifts.

NEW!!! A felted Table Arrangement
Cost: $35
Fri. June 13th 2-3 pm OR Sat. July 26th 1-2 pm
Create three blossoms complete with a stem. We’ll provide bud vases and a silk ribbon to complete the project for an everlasting table arrangement that is great for a patio, bathroom or mantle. Elegant!

NEW!!! A Simple Woodland Fellow
Cost: $20
Fri. July 11th 2-3 pm OR Sat. June 14th 1-2 pm
Simple and adorable, this fellow could be a gnome or elf and is made with one easy shape. Perfect for a first time project, it’s so easy and cute every time you make one!

Wet Felted Soap
Cost: $20
Sat. June 14th 2:30-3:30 pm  OR Wed. Aug. 13th 2-3 pm
Make two bars of soap with their own wooly washcloth felted right around it. Great gifts and great for kids!

Geode Pin Cushion
Cost: $20
Wed. June 4th 1-2 pm OR Sat. June 21st 1-2pm
Make a pair of geodes, with colorful rings of color from the center all the way to the edge. Wonderful for safely and artistically storing your needles!

Felted Sheep
Cost: $20
Sat. May 31st 10-11 am  OR Tues. July 22nd 1-2 pm
Make a pair of geodes, with colorful rings of color from the center all the way to the edge. Wonderful for safely and artistically storing your needles!

NEW!!!! Orchid Pin
Cost: $20
Thurs. May 22nd 1-2 pm OR Sat. June 14th 4-5 pm
Lush and colorful just like summer, this is a fantastic gift to make or accessory for a summer dress.

Sushi Roll Bracelet
Cost: $30
Thurs. June 12th 10-noon OR Sat. July 12th 4-6 pm   
Felt and beads couldn’t make a more elegant bracelet! Inspired by the shape and design of sushi, this is a fun class to take and a fun piece to wear!

Needle Felted Fairy
Cost: $24
Wed. June 4th 2-4 pm OR Sat. July 26th 2:30-4:30 pm
Listen closely in Spring and you will hear the fairies in the forest helping bring the flowers to life after a long winter! Bring your own fairy to life- sweet with soft hair, sparkling wings, and a soft blush on her shy cheeks.



Shibori Dyeing                    
Cost: $35 + materials : $15
Tues. June 17th 10-1 pm OR Thurs. Aug. 14th 5-9 pm     
Dye your own luxurious silk scarf and shawl with fun, common household items! You’ll be amazed at the creativity and patterns we’ll be achieving through simple folding, even things like clothespins can transform the fabric into fabulous!

Silken Luminaries                                  
Cost: $45
Sat. May 24th 1-3 pm OR Tues. Aug. 5th 10-noon    
Paint a silk canvas with dyes and your fingertips, then transform a simple glass vessel into a dazzling display of playful light, colorful shadows and silken ambiance. This class, fun for adults and children alike, is a fun way to introduce yourself to dyeing!



Using your Stash in Weaving Workshop
Cost: $195  (includes a loom!)
Upgrade to a large 25” loom for only $145 more!
Tues June 10th 10-2 pm OR Fri. July 11th 10-2 pm
Bring one, bring all! Your stash yarns in need of inspiration form the perfect foundation for this introductory weaving class. Learn weaving terms, warping techniques, and start a scarf. The loom, a Schacht Cricket, is included in the class so you can weave accessories, home furnishings, and more with it’s easy portability. This is an excellent way to start weaving this year!


Back to the Farm

NEW!!!! Kid’s Summer Camp at Esther’s Place
Cost: $25/ each class or Season Special of $185 for all 8 weeks!
Wednesdays from 10-1pm
From June 18th- August 6th  
Join us for a fun time each week as we learn, felt, explore, play and make new friendships! Bring a sack lunch along. Camp will be held at Esther’s Place and we’ll have a new theme each week so kids will learn while having a fun time close to home. Limited space available so register early! Recommended for ages 5-12

NEW!!!! Kid’s Day at the Farm at Lamb of God Farm
Cost: $58
Fri. June 20th OR Fri. July 18th OR Fri. August 15th 10-3 pm   
Spend a day on the farm! Do chores with the sheep, take a pasture walk, feed the ponies, weed  and pick in the garden, each lunch un der an apple tree, make ice cream, pick dandelions and play games. Bring a sack lunch and wear clothes you can work and play in, maybe even a pair of boots! Recommended for ages 5-12

NEW!!!! Slice of Farm Life at Lamb of God Farm
Cost: $70
Fri. May 30th OR Sunday June 29th 10-7 OR Sunday July 13th 10-7 pm
Begin your day with making bread, then head off to the farm to get acquainted with the animals that we raise. Learn about how we got started and inspire the farmer in you! As we take a farm walk around, we’ll share stories and antidotes of how we, suburbanites gone farmers,  got our start nearly 15 years ago.  Bring a sack lunch with which we’ll enjoy under the trees. After lunch, pick some our organic produce and head back to the shop, where we’ll make a small batch of cheese and then prepare to cook our evening meal together. The end of the day will be a harvest dinner made with our hands, eaten together!

Canning                          Cost: $48
Sunday July 20th 1-5 pm
Learn how to make your own canned goods! We will make three kinds of unique canned goods and each person will have ideas, recipes and goodies to take home with them! We make canning fun and easy to do with ingredients you can even find in the freezer section of your grocer during winter.

NEW!!! Freezing and Dehydrating                          Cost: $48
Sunday August 17th 1-5 pm
Learn to get the most out of your produce with simple techniques to freeze and dehydrate using all equipment you have in your kitchen! Enjoy the bounty all year long, like fresh tomatoes, sweet corn, herbs and more as we walk you through several ways to preserve with these methods.

Cheesemaking                                         Cost: $48
Sunday June 22nd 1-5 pm
Cheesemaking is so simple and exciting! You’ll be introduced to cheese cultures, the science and art of turning milk into curds and the flavor additions you can add. Start making cheese in your kitchen and amaze your friends and family. Make three types and enjoy eating your way through the afternoon!

Homeschool Art Education Days

Starting for our second season in the fall of 2014, we’ll be hosting a once a month, three hour workshop that combines art, agriculture, history, cultural arts, and culinary sciences.  Enrich your curriculum with real hands on learning. Students will do a project to take home and each month will feature a different theme. Ages range from 5-13.
Watch our Fall 2014 schedule for themes of each month!
We’re expanding to offering two classes this year:
the third Tues of the month or the third Wed of the month, both sessions are 9-noon

$25 a session/ per child
$20/ a session / for 3+ children enrolling together

View our class samples here

Classes: Custom Classes I Off-Site Teaching I Esther's Place Classes

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Education about sustainable fiber farming and fiber arts is part of our mission at Esther's Place. We offer a wide range of educational opportunities ranging from elementary to university level workshops and presentations on sustainable farming and fiber arts to in house workshops and classes. For school visits in the Northern Illinois area, we come to your class(es) with all the materials for a delightful age-appropriate fiber arts project as well as various educational materials.

Our in-house classes and workshops are held in two lovely rooms adjoining our shop. We have some very exciting classes scheduled at Esther's Place for the coming year for the very beginner to the experienced fiber artist. Classes are designed to be warm, fun, informative, and succesfull for all.

In addition to our scheduled classes we can host a class – anytime, any day- for a group of 3 or more.

Custom Classes

Gather your group of three or more and we can host a class specifically designed by you and your friends! Whether you want to felt, knit, weave, dye or enjoy any other fiber art, we can put together a great class guaranteed to make you relax, laugh and learn something new. Some fun classes are the needle felted hat, purse, small knitting project, drop spinning, nuno felting and so much more!

Call 630-556-9665 and talk to Natasha to pick your project, day, time and class.

Gift Certificates and Private Lessons are also available!

To register use our registration form to mail or email to or telephone 630-556-9665.

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