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Felting Kits

Our homemade felting kits, designed by Natasha Lehrer, feature clear instructions and all the materials needed to complete these delightful projects. They make wonderful gifts for that crafty person or the beginner interested in exploring felting in a no-fail way. All you need is the needle felting starter kit and one or more of these fun kits.

Felting Starter Kit

This is what you will need along with any of our needle felting kits. A 5x5x2" high density foam block along with two 36 gauge needles, and you'll be set for any project you want to make!



Cookie Cutter Kits

Make a cute ornament, pin, applique or magnet with this great kit! It includes a cookie cutter form, foam block, needle and the fiber you need to complete your project, plus directions! Makes great gift presents, stocking stuffers, teacher presents, and a wonderful way to share your love of felting withe others! Let us pick you one from our vast collection or specify an interest when ordering.




Nativity Angels Kit

Create three angels, complete with sparkling wings and halos! Whether for your nativity scene or as ornaments, they are a special reminder of God's presence in our lives. The kit includes fiber to make three different sized angels, as well as instructions




Needle Felted Flower Kit

Make oodles of gorgeous flowers with this kit! Flowers make great
accessories for purses, hats, coats and more, and you can make 4-6 flowers.
Includes a foam, two needles, six colors of felting wool roving, one ounce
of Lincoln curls and directions.



Needle Felted
Mr. Penguin Kit

Watch this little guy dance as he comes to life! This kit includes all the fiber and detailed directions to make two small penguins or one large one.

Perfect as part of a winter display- just add some white wool for snow!



Needle Felted Dog Kit

Dogs are truly man's best friend, and they come in all shapes and sizes!
Learn to shape parts and sculpt the cutest little pups from wool fibers. You
can even felt your own dog's hair to create a personal touch. The kit makes
three dogs of your choice, and includeswool fibers, alpaca, angora, and Lincoln curls, and detailed directions.


Safari Animals

Go wild with felting.in making three little safari creatures! Choose from an
elephant, zebra, giraffe, or lion to create fun play toys or decorations.
Learn how to sculpt and shape, and use armature for the legs. Includes
fibers, armature and detailed directions to make three figurines.



Barnyard anmals

And what does the sheep say? Baautiful! This kit includes all the fiber as
well as the directions to make a barn yard playscape. Needle felt a pig,
cow, two ducks, two sheep and a lamb and then place them on a grassy pasture
with a brook and mud puddle. Cute kid's toys or just for the animal lover in
your life!


  barnyard animals

Needle Felted Forest Fairy Kit

The fairies are out playing among the forest pines! This kit includes all
the fiber as well as detailed directions to make a 4" tall flower fairy.
Beautiful fibers include alpaca fiber for the hair, hand dyed felting wool
and sparkling angelina wings.

Choose from
Rose, with lovely brown hair,
Bluebell with white hair or
Violet with beautiful blond hair.



Needle Felted Gnome Kit

Every garden needs a gnome. and this gnome quite exceptional! Learn to make
faces full of life and use wire armature to create legs and arms. Gnome
stands about 6" tall and is a great companion for the fairy! Kit includes
armature, fiber, Lincoln curls, and detailed directions.



Needle Felted Forest Pines Kit

Create a wooly woodland for your gnomes, fairies or holiday displays! These
trees are felted with hand dyed wool locks that give the appearance of
feathery firs. Kit includes supplies and directions to make two trees, one
8" and one 10" tree.



Needle Felted Nativity

Make a family heirloom with this beautiful, all fiber nativity. Mary,
Joseph, Baby Jesus, three sheep and a star will start you on a
child-friendly keepsake you will treasure for years to come! Includes fibers and instructions to make all seven pieces.



Needle Felted Shepherds and Shepherd's Donkey and Chickens Kit

It was really the shepherds in the fields outside Bethlehem who first heard
the news of Christ's birth! Celebrate them as you add a shepherd, shepherd boy, donkey and two chickens to the nativity.  Includes fibers and instructions to make all five pieces.



Needle Felted Camels and Kings Kit

Add to your nativity with the three wise men and their three faithful
camels. Learn to sculpt and shape wonderful animals using wire armature
while you make the camels. The three wise men even have jewels on their
gifts they present to the Christ child. Continue in the tradition of telling
the nativity story. Includes fibers, armature and instructions to make all
six pieces.


  camels and kings

Needle Felted Father Christmas Kit

For years and years, Father Christmas was a kind hearted man who traveled
the countryside surprising children on Christmas morning with nuts, fruit
and other simple gifts. Carry on the age-old tradition with this figurine,
made of wool and full of character! Learn to create realistic faces with
needle felting as you create this 8" tall figurine. Includes wool roving,
Lincoln curls, form, cinnamon stick bundle and detailed directions.


  father Christmas

Needle Felted Birds Kit

Brighten your day with the cheerful presence of the cardinal, bluebird and
chickadee! Make into ornaments for a nature-themed tree or hang from a
branch to bring the outdoors in.

Learn to sculpt and shape, and use colors to create realistic animals.
Includes fibers and detailed directions to make three birds.


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