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NEW!!!! Gnome of the Month DIY


NEW!!!! Gnome of the Month                                         Cost: $22

We'll send you the kit and a digital link to a full online tutorial to walk you through each step of making your own at home! A great way to take a class in the comforts of your home. 

Join us to make one each month this year! January- “Old Man Winter”; February “Gnome in Love”; March “Lil Leprechaun” ; April “Undercover Bunny”; May “Dutch Tulips”.  K8+


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Additional Info


When purchasing, you may select a quantity of kits, but they must be the same "month" For example, you can order 3 "January" kits.

To select multiples of different kits, you will need to submit a new order for a new "month" . For example, If you want to order "January", "February" and "March", you will need to submit three orders. 


You should receive your order 5-7 days after your order is placed. When mailed, you will receive an email confirmation and a link to the online tutorial.