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Homeschool Co-Op


Homeschool Co-Op

Third Wednesday of the Month 9-noon

October- May


Wed. Oct. 9th (note-2nd Wednesday of the Month) - Fall Flavors (Cooperative cooking- math, problem solving, motor skills)

Wed. Nov. 20th - Recreation of the first Thanksgiving (Tales, Turkey, Tradition, Theater)

Wed. Dec. 18th – Christmas Around the World – Australia, Brazil, Estonia  

Wed. Jan. 15th- Jane Austen (Her books, her world, her food)

Wed. Feb. 19th- Women in History (Who influenced you? Learning about each other’s heros)

Wed. March 20th- Weather (Science, Art, Food)

Wed. April 15th- Art (Artists, Projects, Snacks)

Wed. May 20th- Spring on the Farm (Baby chicks and embryology, planting, nurturing growth)

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