About Esther's Place 


Mother-Daughter Team 

Since 2006, Donna and Natasha have strived to bring customers a genuine experience during their time at the shop. Donna, the gracious host, always makes sure you have a cup of tea or coffee while you enjoy crafting. Natasha will share her wealth of knowledge on whatever project you are working on. Their team of helpful and well-versed volunteers will gladly assist as well. 

Donna is the small farms activist and has a heart for letting their stories be heard. Natasha has been an avid fiber enthusiast since she taught herself to knit socks at the age of twelve, and hasn't stopped since. 

The Story of Esther 

We often get asked who Esther is! There are three reasons behind the name. Esther was one of our sheep on our farm. She represents our dedication to keeping lambs on the landscape, and helping shepherds to continue to do what they love to do- be able to afford to tend to their flocks. Esther was also our neighbor, a sweet lady who lived to be almost 100 years old. Though a nearly a centenarian, she'd never seen how wool was spun into yarn. She represents our desire to keep these heritage arts alive into our modern age. Lastly, the driving inspiration for the shop was the verse Esther 4:14, which states, "Who knows that you were put in this place for such a time as this?" It was the voice of God that whispered this dream in my heart and in following Him, it's been a pretty spectacular journey. It is with that encouragement that we help people, everyday, fulfill their dreams... "for such a time as this".